7 Benefits of Coworking at Space

If you are reading this, chances are you’ve reached a certain level of freedom with your work and lifestyle. So, congrats! And as far as remote working or start-up building goes, we can all agree that it doesn’t get much better than Whistler.

However, as you’ve probably realized, the dream of working from a new spot each day or frequenting the local coffee shops isn’t as glamorous as we make it out to be.

It becomes increasingly hard to find a seat and a quiet nook to stay focused. Not to mention, the inevitable guilt of posting up in a cafe for hours, watching people look for seating, while slowly sipping your coffee to not seem like a squatter. Or maybe working from home is becoming less liberating, as the roommates, the dog or the kids just don’t quite agree with your work schedule.

Yup, we’ve all been there.

So, if you’re looking to re-invigorate your work day, consider these 7 benefits of coworking at Space in Whistler:


1. Your Tribe is Here

Meeting like-minded people in town is hard enough as it is. But trying to surround yourself with inspiring go-getters… that’s a whole other story. Well, the members at Space are just that, inspiring as sh%t! All from a wide range of fields and countless countries from all over the world.

You’re bound to bump into anyone from tech start-ups (@sphereishere and @growflow) to freelance creatives (@catkin, @miraecampell) and even local businesses who are breaking into global markets (@wplbike). Plus, there's no shortage of adventures and trail banter after office hours. And even more support, ideation and advice from some real bada$$ founders and creatives during office hours.

Follow us on Instagram to meet some of the people that call Space home.


2. All the Perks

We all know the struggle of fighting for a plug and cursing the wifi. Waiting in lines and searching for that cozy spot. You know what we’re talking about.

Thankfully, it’s easier here. Everything is included. Whether you drink coffee, espresso, tea or even Red Bull. We’ve got it all. Plus, wireless printing, meeting rooms, a shared kitchen and a spacious lounge complete with Apple TV and a fireplace (actually though).

Did we mention that’s it’s all included? Yup, you get access to everything with any membership. Which brings us to the next benefit of joining Space...


3. Flexibility and 24/7 Access

Are you an early bird or a night owl? Or maybe you’re a weekend warrior. Well, no matter how you work, you’re in luck.

With 24/7 access using your smartphone, you have a reliable and secure place to work when you want (or when your boss wants…) Plus, our memberships are as flexible as your schedule is. Whether you work only a couple days a week (must be nice!) or if you're a full time 9-5er, we’ve got just what you need.

Grab a Day Pass and stop in or step it up to a Ten Pass, which gives you 10 days at a discount with no expiry. Or maybe unlimited access is what you’re after. The best part is you can change your membership at any time and you’re not locked into a contract.

Find out more about our memberships here: www.workinspace.ca/pricing


4. Variety of Workspaces

We all have a unique style of working and often we like to mix things up. Some want a desk to call their own, while others want to cozy up on the couch. Maybe you want a meeting room for a bit of privacy or would prefer to post up at the kitchen bar to strike up some small talk, while firing off emails.

With a variety of workspaces and breakout rooms, members here are spoiled for choice. And you don’t have to stay in one spot, try them all! Get comfortable and find your flow.


5. Connect and Learn

Outside of work hours, we’ve got plenty of activities, events and social get-togethers planned each and every month. We’ve hosted everything from pop-up markets to blockchain meet ups, Q&A’s with venture capitalists and advisors to social mixers and networking events.

There are many opportunities to learn and develop yourself and your business or to just rub shoulders with inspiring founders and creators who have a wealth of knowledge and experience. See some of our past and upcoming events here: www.workinspace.ca/blog


6. Work Opportunities 

There is always something inspiring being cooked up here and with such a diverse group of members it’s not hard to find some serious talent or opportunities. There’s a constant buzz of collaboration and brainstorming and it makes for a contagious energy.

Often members will refer projects to each other or even just full out hire other members. Although we can’t promise that you’ll catch your next big break by working here, we can say from experience that if you show up with pure intentions and a collaborative spirit, you may just find a world of opportunity. 


7. Location, Location, Location

Being located in Function Junction has endless perks. Free parking is definitely near the top of that list. There’s also a bus stop just a minute from our door and ample bike storage for you earth-conscious commuters.

And when it comes to lunch, coffee, juices or delicious treats, we’ve got plenty of great options. Grab a beer from one of the two local breweries, but not before heading out to explore the numerous trails and sights, including the train wreck and Cheakamus river, which is sure to take your breath away.

So, how many reasons are there to join Space? Well, there’s a lot but we thought starting with 7 would give you just a taste. We’re always welcoming new members and would love for you to join our community of inspiring founders and creatives.

Your first day is on us!

So, claim your free day pass here and come and experience Space for yourself:

jamie lauder