You know that feeling?

Dropping into a fresh powder run.

Flowing round the berms in the bike park or that split second in mid-flight.

Wandering the alpine trails, utterly consumed with your surroundings.

It’s a feeling of pure bliss and total presence. 

This is Deep Play. 

Inspired by a Jason Silva rant, the idea of Deep Play is posed as a cure, of sorts, for the anxiety of the modern human condition. It provides moments of clarity and freedom of the mind. As entrepreneurs and creatives, we know this struggle all too well.

Silva describes this anxiety as a Temporal Dislocation. It’s a displacement of the mind; a worrying about a future and a past that do not exist in the present moment. Your mind has become cut-off from the reality outside of your head; the people around you, the sights before you and the natural world that is ever-present in your surroundings.

When we are able to dissolve this (even for brief moments) different parts of the brain talk to each other. We become more creative. Lateral thinking and pattern recognition increases. We find the solutions we’ve been looking for or maybe a better question to ask ourselves.

In these moments, lost in Deep Play, we enter into a child-like state rooted in the Deep Now (the present moment). Not distracted by something that happened this morning or last week, or consumed by something that were expecting in our future.

In this state, we often experience a sense of time dilation, created by our consciousness. In other words, our sense of time becomes disconnected from reality and we lose track of time altogether. It’s common to feel that time has passed in a flash, and yet in that moment, it may have felt eternal.

"You are a kid in a cosmic recess, and it lasts forever.” That's Jason's actual quote.

What does he mean by this? That it lasts forever..?

Maybe, if we make time to access this state of Deep Play more frequently, it will persist more often into our daily lives. Allowing us to ‘connect the dots’, or find that creative spark or even just empathize better with the people around us, leading to deeper relationships and more opportunities.

All he says is that these experiences of Deep Play into the Deep Now are curative. They are transcendent and spiritual. They awaken the child inside; to reconnect with that feeling of joy, wonder and awe. 

We come out of these experiences cured. For a time…

So, let’s use this as an excuse to make more time for Deep Play.

More time in the mountains. More time on the trails. More time adventuring with the people we love.

It is, after all, for our own good.


jamie lauder