Be happier, healthier and more successful by working at Space.


Ok, ok… bold claim, yes.

And even though we can’t guarantee this will be true for you by working at Space, we do have good reason to believe it.

A Harvard researcher suggests that social connections in the workplace play a much greater role in the big picture of your life. 

“Having strong connections in the workplace is one of the greatest predictors of happiness, success, and health, which makes it an outstanding investment of time and resources,” says Shawn Achor, a Harvard researcher and founder of Goodthink.

It makes sense, right? And the reason lies deep within our human nature and history.

“Humans are hardwired to connect. It’s an essential part of our well-being, and, as the research shows, having strong social connections is deeply important for our physical and mental health” says Director of Workplace Connection at The We Company.

Here’s a few ways to create more social connection while you’re here at Space:

  1. Listen closely when people introduce themselves.

  2. Have a conversation where you mostly listen.

  3. Smile at others as you walk down the hallway.

  4. Ask a colleague about their life outside work.

  5. Each day, make a connection with someone you normally don’t spend much time with.

  6. Connect with yourself.

We’re hosting our next community day here at Space on February 20, 2019. Sign up below for a free day pass and come join us on the 20th and meet the community here!

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