Meeting like-minded people in town is hard enough as it is...

But trying to surround yourself with inspiring go-getters… that’s a whole other story. Well, the members at Space are just that, inspiring as sh%t! All from a wide range of fields and countless countries from all over the world.

You’re bound to bump into anyone from tech start-ups (@sphereishere and @growflow) to freelance creatives (@catkin@miraecampell) and even local businesses who are breaking into global markets (@wplbike). Plus, there's no shortage of adventures and trail banter after office hours. And even more support, ideation and advice from some real bada$$ founders and creatives during office hours.

Here are a few members that are sure to inspire:



Devon Brooks

Meet member Devon Brooks (@devsdevelopment), co-founder of Sphere (@sphereishere).

This human is beyond inspiring.

Her energy is contagious.

Her grit and determination is uber motivating.

And her transcendent ability to empathize makes her one of the most bada$$ leaders.

Devon listens better than anyone, and speaks fiercely from the heart. It’s no wonder she's a world class mentor.

Learn more about Dev’s up-and-coming startup (@sphereishere) that is taking the world by (mindful) storm!


Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 11.29.03 AM.png

Isaac Marangoni

Meet member Isaac Marangoni (@isaacmarangoni), co-founder of WPL (@wplbike).

What Isaac lacks in age, he more than makes up for with courage and hustle.

At only 21, he’s built a global brand stemming from right here in Whistler.

Founded on sustainability, WPL is innovating a niche market with no signs of slowing down.

One of the most humble and down-to-earth entrepreneurs, Isaac is hungry for growth and impact.

Learn more about how @WPLbike is changing the bike industry one eco drip at a time.



Mirae Campbell

Meet member Mirae Campbell (@miraecampbell), photographer and marketer extraordinaire. 

Mirae has a knack of bringing people together for unforgettable adventures. 

She is undoubtedly, the kindest, most compassionate and unapologetically genuine human.

She will bring a smile to your face, capture the moment and your heart, without even trying.

The energy she brings to the world and the impact she's creating is nothing short of spectacular.

Follow @miraecampbell for a dose of love and excitement, which will brighten any day.

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Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 11.26.51 AM.png

Sian Richardson

Meet member Sian Richardson (@sianricho), kick-ass designer and founder of The Unmistakable Effect (the most inspiring and relevant magazine you need to read… right now).

Sian is the epitome of ditchin’ the 9-5 and living the dream through passionate hustle.

After founding The Unmistakable Effect in 2016, she’s released 14 digital issues and 12 print issues… you seriously need to check these out!

Sian certainly doesn’t struggle with humility. There’s no denying that she’s the creative brain behind the magazine but she’s also the first to admit that it wouldn’t be possible without the collaborative contributions from other entrepreneurs and creators. It’s hard not to be inspired by her humble attitude and work ethic.

The energy and stoke Sian brings to Space is electric, you can just feel it.

Learn more about The Unmistakable Effect and follow Sian (@sianricho) for a dose of daily inspiration.



Jake Dyson

Meet member Jake Dyson (@jakedyson), Director of Photography and overall high-stoke dude.

This guy is unbelievably talented! You’d be hard pressed to not stumble across his photo and film work in print, online or on the big screen.

Jake’s ability to capture the sheer raw-ness of a scene, the energy of an adventure or just the authenticity of the moment is unparalleled.

The future is bright for this one. When he’s not hanging out the side of a heli, he’s often on a mountain top or somewhere in the world with a rad crew creating visual vibes beyond your imagination.

Follow @jakedyson for visuals that will leave you in awe and inspire your own adventures.

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Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 11.27.22 AM.png

Colby Moffett

Meet member Colby Moffett, founder and creative director of @colshawmedia.

This young buck is making a name for himself in the local (and not-so local) creative space, working with countless businesses from all over Canada and beyond.

Colby has a knack for building client’s visions beyond their wildest dreams, both creatively and by developing them technically with his wide ranging skill sets.

His superpower might just be his ability to listen, learn and adapt to whatever opportunity presents itself. It’s hard to keep up with his ever-growing repertoire of skills- making him indispensable for most small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to conquer the digital world.

Follow @colshawmedia to learn more about how Colby can help create your online and digital vision.



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